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Visit a Pain Doctor in NYC to Manage Chronic Back Pain Effectively

Posted By: Admin | Nov 7, 2013 | Industry News

Reuters UK recently published a feature article that suggests the link between flat feet and lower back pain. A study, led by Marian Hannan of the Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston, concluded that people with flat arches in their feet are more likely to experience back pain since they walk in an asymmetrical manner. The study also hints that women are more likely to be flat-footed than men, and are thus more vulnerable to back pain:

Low Back “Our feet are positioned differently when we walk or stand. If a flat foot evident in a standing and walking position, than it could be something to metion during a doctor's visit,” Hannan said.

She and her team suggested reasons why women could be more affected by flat feet while walking than men.

For example, women's pelvic bones are wider and not as flexible as men's. In general, women rotate their hips more than men while walking. Women also move their upper bodies more than men when they walk.

"Women probably don't know that their foot functions contribute to lower back pain, but they can find out about it," Hannan told Reuters Health.

She suggested people with lower back pain visit a doctor or physical therapist.

Back pain is one of the most common ailments afflicting people today, especially among people whose lifestyle demands constant physical activity. If the Reuters article is any indication, flat-footed women are at a greater risk of experiencing this complication. Those who suffer from this frustrating condition should consider seeing a pain doctor in NYC.

Aside from flat feet, several factors can cause back pain. These usually involve parts of the spine being subjected to excessive wear, causing spasms. Most of the time, back pain is chronic and should be treated. Patients can take painkillers to alleviate the pain, but it will not permanently get rid of the stinging sensation.

Where conventional medicine fails, alternative medicine can attempt to resolve. Alternative medicine centers such as Pain Healing Medicine offers numerous remedies. There are various alternative treatments to back pain, which include prolotherapy, biopuncture, and neural therapy, among many others. Patients interested in such procedures who reside in the area should see a professional back pain doctor in NYC to choose a treatment suited for their needs.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Low back pain tied to flat feet: study, Reuters UK, Published October 17, 2013)

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