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Getting Help from a Pain Doctor in NYC when in the Quest for Safe Pain Relief

Posted By: Admin | Jul 25, 2013 | Industry News

Huffpost Healthy Living, in its online July 26, 2013 issue, posted a Reuters article that reported an official warning against abusers of pain medication, specifically, the prescription pain medication Opana ER. The drug is a well-known painkiller used for the relief of moderate to severe chronic low back pain. The report cites instances of the slow release oral medication being abused by pulverizing the tablet, and injecting a solution of the drug intravenously.

According to US health regulators, injecting Opana ER into the bloodstream can lead to a serious blood disorder. The blood disorder, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, is known to cause kidney failure, or even death, in patients. At least one incident was reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) where the abuse of Opana ER resulted in the death of an individual due to kidney failure; other cases required dialysis. To avoid such harrowing effects, people should never recklessly self-medicate to relieve severe pain, and consult, instead, with a pain doctor in NYC or elsewhere, to safely and rationally find solutions to such acute conditions.

The FDA pointed out that such problems have been known to occur only when Opana ER is abused and used intravenously. If you're suffering from low back pain and other conditions, the FDA strongly advises to use Opana ER only as directed and only when it is prescribed. However, pain medications merely serve to treat symptoms. For treatment and proper diagnosis of your condition, make it a point to see any of the reputable pain relief providers, such as Pain Healing Medicine, to determine the best means of addressing the problem.

The Reuters article also highlighted how the abuse of prescription drugs like Opana ER has led to more deaths in the country than heroin and cocaine-related deaths combined, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC adds that the deaths due to prescription drug overdose happen in rural areas more frequently than in highly urbanized locales. Still, prescription drug abuse is a pervasive problem. When pain becomes chronic, seek to find the cause of the pain, as well as rational approaches for more long-lasting healing and relief.

Your body deserves to get by in life without suffering and discomfort; so it's only prudent to consult with a pain doctor in New York who can design an all-encompassing treatment plan. To avoid problems with pain medication altogether, it is possible nowadays to consider an integrated approach for pain relief that includes nutritional programs, medical detoxification, weight management programs, and many comprehensive treatment options, such as those offered by Pain Healing Medicine in New York City.

Chronic pain anywhere in the body can be seriously debilitating to the point of preventing normal function and performance of even simple tasks. To deal with the condition, some people rely on pain medications like Opana ER. Be aware of the detrimental effects of painkillers when abused. For more long-lasting relief, however, try more holistic, more harmonious, and safer avenues instead.

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